Welcome to FindMyShadow.com Calculate the position and height of the sun anywhere in the world on any date and plot the shadow cast by the sun at different times for a scene you can draw in the tool below.

Why? House-buying with confidence, choosing a plot for your flowerbeds or vegetable patch with the best light/shade mix, planning an extension, opposing planning applications.

Read my story of how and why I developed the apps here!

I've also written an iPhone / iPad app to allow you to plot the shadows on your phone or tablet. Check it out!
Find a useful how-to guide for the iOS app here!


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Use the canvas above to draw out your scene. It is a plan view looking down on the scene, with true/grid North straight upwards on the page (note that magnetic north varies by location as it's not exactly at the north pole!)
Some example objects in the shape of a simple house have been placed as an example and can be deleted.
Set a background image* (eg. of a satellite image, map or plan) to help position your objects, or use the grid provided.
Click "Add box" or "Add triangle" to add an object.
Click and drag the existing objects to move them.
Drag the selection handles to resize (outside red and blue handles for boxes with rotation performed using the middle yellow handle),
red, blue and green points for changing the shapes of triangles.
Enter a number into the height text boxes to change object heights.

* note: the image you use as background is only used on your local browser and is NOT uploaded to my server.

You will see where the shadows are cast at any time (set using the dropdown) and date (using the calendar) for your location (set on the above map)

You can animate the shadows for the complete day using the Auto-play / Pause button


This service is provided as is, without warranty or guarantee. Please note that you would be well advised to validate the shadows predicted against an actual example for your site.

If you have suggestions for improvement or other comments, then please mail the author, or use this response form.

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